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Wholesome Hypnosis Seminar

Condition your Brain with Healthy Habits  
Feel like you need a break? Is your lifestyle chaotic? This (half hour) lecture will teach you techniques to lessen your stress. You will start to put stress in its place! In handling stress, you improve your health, confidence, performance, etc. Lecture demo will address the "Fear tension pain syndrome", Stressor and effects of stress on our bodies, clarify uses of hypnosis, myths, applied applications and how to tool’s. Learn methods of healthy lifestyles. Short Demo, you will learn to use self-hypnosis to create change. Hypnosis has had tremendous results for people in the areas of stop smoking, weight loss, goal achievement, improved health and personal development. In this lecture demo with MindTouch™ session, NGH Consulting Hypnotist 

Lisa Evans will teach you the process of self-hypnosis and participants will experience being hypnotized. At the end of the class, participants will have the knowledge and experience to use this amazing tool for personal goals, as well as participate in the full webinar!

Time:  3:15pm March 19, 2017

Place: Health & Wellness Symposium   

Class Limit: none

Instructor:Lisa Evans NGH Consulting Hypnotist