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​​Research shows that the benefits of hypnosis are effective for reducing stress, as it changes our cellular response.(click tabs below for more) Hypnosis is a healing modality as it demonstrates that it can help people who need to reduce levels of discomfort, change worried some thoughts, lift sadness, and increase confidence for improvement to accomplish "life goals". Massage is considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate effectiveness; from reducing stress to managing pain and muscle tension. such as Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, over all inflammatory conditions. 

NO membership fees or credit cards kept on file! Simply make an appointment and pay for services or If you wish you may purchase a series of sessions that offer a discount. Cash, debit and credit accepted. You will be directed to a secure link to pay for services, classes and purchase products.  (Insurance Billing; requires medical referrals, Co-pays, and additional paperwork, medical billing and services are normal fee of $140. All other NON-insurance services are discounts from this requirement). Appointment's are made by calling the direct line or logging into a book-now button. Cancellations are required by calling direct. Calling to Cancel is kind and friendlier service to those in need of your appointment.

   Hypnosis and Massage Sessions


I Wish for everyone to achieve the experience, of Ultimate Integration in balancing our Mind & Body.