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Train Your Brain To Adopt Healthful Habits

Adopt Healthy Habits... NOW before the holiday season!
Why are habits so hard to change? Learn why will power is not sufficient. Habits govern how we think and act, they influence who needs care and who stays well. In a six week workshop you will learn how to enrich your life, instead of feeding the need for self-gratification.

Training your brain to stop self-sabotage and adopt a more fruitful, healthy relationships.
Objectives Identify chronic stressor and behaviors. Apply a how to mind set of practical strategies to adopt and create positive behaviors for strengthening healthy habits.  

Your take a way will be to learn how to reduce the tendency of impulsive and self-destructive actions, while creating healthy methods to help you progress into new long-term Goals.

DATE: TBD(six weeks)
Cost:$40.00 per week Payment on class night (EventBrite ticket is RSVP only)
Time: start 7PM -8:30pm (1,1/2-2hrs)

Place: Studio 27,  3 Trescott St. Taunton MA
Instructor:LISA EVANS;  Licensed Board certified  massage therapist, NGH Consulting Hypnotist and Personal Health Coach.  Two time first place body building champion, and President of Tri-County Talkers Club -Toastmasters International Club.